Rekindle – the Anchor and it’s Operations (Part Two)

Recently, a woman of God received a vision from God for me. She saw that the Lord had given my wife and I a set of twins. She saw me holding them and rejoicing, and that my wife was surrounded by midwives.

I knew exactly what the vision meant. Midwives are a type of intercessors.
And truly, the Lord had already given me a set of twins (through a son in the faith) their names are – Jachin and Boaz – just like the twin pillars of the temple in the scripture (1 Kings 7:21).

You might be wondering, “What have these got to do with the key Psalm we are discussing?”

A lot!

The Anchor of our Commission
To us at Pagemaster, Jachin and Boaz are not just the names of the twin pillars in God’s temple they are also the twin operations in our anchor scripture for our divine commission. You might have noticed this verse as a constant on our fliers.;

Wisdom and knowledge will be the stability of your times,
And the strength of salvation;
The fear of the LORD is His treasure.

Isaiah 33:6

Notice the relationship between wisdom and Jachin: Jachin establishes, and wisdom brings stability in troubled times.

Likewise, in Boaz there is strength, and by knowledge is the strength of our salvation.

Operations of the Spirit
These two pillars (or anchor) are also the same operations of the Spirit in the Key Psalm that the Lord gave us in the prophetic revelation which I shared yesterday.

Let’s dig in a little more.

³ My mouth shall speak wisdom, and the meditation of my heart shall give understanding.
⁴ I will incline my ear to a proverb; I will disclose my dark saying on the harp.

Psalms 49:2-4

We have an assignment from God and He has graciously equipped us with these tools of wisdom and understanding. These are instructional gifts, to teach the people and to disciple the nations.

God truly has given us Psalms 49 as a key of authority and of the kingdom, it is a key to open doors of glory and shut doors of darkness. With this key, our apostolic community will navigate our commission and wage a good warfare.

Yesterday we saw our sphere of authority – the church and the world – in the first two verses of that Psalm, today we see our God-given tools and weapons of war for that assignment.

If we are going to be a voice to the church and to the corporate world, we will need distinct approaches tailored for each. This Psalm gives us the Keys of the Kingdom to unlock the approaches needed.

The first approach is “speaking wisdom and understanding.”
The second approach is “proverbs and disclosing dark sayings.”

Verse 3 and 4 are two sides of the same coin. One speaks of an overt operation of the Spirit and the other speaks of a covert operation of the Spirit. Wisdom and understanding are overt, but proverbs and dark sayings are covert. One speaks directly while the other speaks indirectly.

Our overt operations are targeted at spiritually inclined audiences and our covert operations towards those who are otherwise inclined.

I want you to note here that these instructions and revelation coming to us from Psalms 49 are not new, they are confirmations and elaborations on what God has previously revealed to us in times past.

In this divine instruction, God is giving sphere authority to the keys of the kingdom that He has entrusted us with.

This is our prayer;
That our Voice will constantly channel wisdom and understanding from heaven to earth.
And that we fulfill our commission by the effective use of overt and covert operations of the Spirit.

Bless my mouth and my harp.

Adams Allison
©️Pagemaster Apostolic Centre