From King Saul to the Shepherd David; A Prophetic Vision for Nigeria

Adams Allison
November 1, 2020

I have had a vision.
During the night season, I saw a vision which I can only share partly in parables.

In this vision, I had already had another vision, like a dream within a dream (so let’s label the main vision, vision 1.0, and the “dream within a dream” vision 2.0).

Vision 1.0 began with me having the memory of vision 2.0 in which I had seen a pillar (I couldn’t tell if the pillar was made of bronze or of gold). In that dream, the interpretation was supernaturally given to me, that the pillar signified a 40 year time span.

As I stood in vision 1.0, thinking about vision 2.0, my wife came along. We began taking a walk and then we saw David the shepherd. We stopped to greet him, and since my wife had a previous working relationship with him, he decided to show my wife a pamphlet detailing his career path. The pamphlet had some drawings on them. It was designed to be a simple publication and nothing more, but the Lord had other intentions for it. My wife liked the fact that the pamphlet was more pictorial than text-based, so she showed it to me and asked me to have a look.

However, when I set my eyes on the images, my eyes lit up with understanding as I saw that it was not a mere pictorial pamphlet but a prophetic one. Unknown to the designer of the pamphlet, the Lord had secretly planted His own will and intent into the pamphlet to communicate a prophetic message to us. And in His mercy, He supernaturally gave me the interpretation right there in the dream.

The First Image
The first image was the drawing of the Nigerian coat of arms and that tall one, King Saul, standing beside it.

As I saw the image of the Nigerian coat of arms, the Lord impressed upon my heart that the Pillar I saw in vision 2.0 was the same as this coat of arms. (Remember the pillar from vision 2.0 symbolized a 40 year time span).

I went on to tell David the shepherd; The significance of king Saul standing beside the Nigerian coat of arms (which happens to correspond to the pillar from vision 2.0 and means a 40 year time span) is that, from the time King Saul first entered office until his death will be 40 years.

The Second Image
The next image was a drawing of king Saul and David. King Saul was giving a parcel or portfolio to David.

As I saw this, the Lord again impressed on me what it means so I also shared its meaning with David; this is the reflection of the expectations of men – they think King Saul will hand over to David as king, he will not.

The Third Image
The third image was similar to the second image, but in reverse. It was a picture of David taking a parcel or portfolio from King Saul.
This is the interpretation that was supernaturally impressed upon my heart in the dream as I spoke to the shepherd, David. I told him, the kingdom will not be handed over to him by king Saul but that he will have to take it from him. But not by force. The shepherd understands.

A Fourth Image Appears
Finally, I had an open vision (vision 3.0) of a word Console (the noun not the verb) written on top of the pamphlet, no one else saw it but me, but in this vision (vision 1.0), only the shepherd David understood the meaning of the word. As I told him, he went straight to work on the vision.

Console, as a noun, means “the control or monitoring unit of a computer, containing the keyboard or keys, switches, etc” (

The 40 year span: It is 40 years from 1983 to 2023

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