Hope Against Hope – A Prophetic Vision – 2 June, 2021

I had a very disturbing vision.

It felt like I was still a student on campus. 
In this dream, I was sharing a hostel room with a young man named Elisha. According to this dream, he was my disciple. The young man went out and stayed out late. It was later reported that he had been killed and his body found. I was very sad at this news but I was also afraid because I didn’t want the trouble of Nigerian police accusing me of anything.
I finished what I was doing (perhaps exams) and went to investigate his murder. It was then I discovered from those who had seen him last, that he went to a library to read very late at night (like around 3am) but the librarians didn’t let him in. Instead of returning to somewhere safe, I was told he went to a place so far away that it was unthinkable that someone would be found going about so late at night (3am). Although the librarian later asked him to come spend the night in the library for his safety sake, and since it was already too late at night to return to the hostel, he refused their offer and left, perhaps because he was offended.

I went on with my investigation and found another lady who said she met with two guardians who were also investigating the murder. As she narrated her story to me, I could see it play out in front of me. The two guardians were gods and they were about twice the height of men. The lead guardian beseeched her to have no fear and to tell him who or what killed the young man (Elisha). This guardian said she had nothing to worry about and no one to be afraid of because when he was sent to be the guardian over this territory, it was to defeat the leading Prince of darkness stationed here. And being of the appropriate rank and of superior might to defeat this dark prince, he personally volunteered to come and he prevailed over him when he arrived. He said all that to reassure her that there was no force greater that could withstand him. So she should be secure in telling him who was responsible for the killing(s). Apparently, there were more killings going on in the land, Elisha was just another victim.
The guardians suspected it was the chief of the dark princes, but he needed a name to be sure for justice to be served.

The girl who the guardians were interrogating was so afraid that she still did not disclose what she had seen to the guardians.

The young lady then said to me the most shocking thing I had heard so far – she said, the two guardians that were interrogating me were now dead too. That they too had been killed by the dark princes who were responsible for the killings in the land. I was taken aback by this. I didn’t think that was even possible. I couldn’t conceive the thought that these guardians could be killed. Especially this great one since he was the greatest of the guardians sent to our territory.

Now, I too became careful and fearful about investigating the issue.

I later came across a man of God. He said to me, there is a festival often conducted for students by a police officer in a controversial area and it always ends in bloodshed. The cause of the deaths from this carnival always looked coincidental or accidental but it was in fact planned as a sacrifice to evil spirits.
The man of God said we need to stop it by confronting the policeman. We both told the policeman that he could not organise such events anymore. The policeman insisted and said it is what God told him to do. We rebuked him and said it is not his place to tell the people what the Lord has said, it is the place of the apostles to tell the people what needs to be done. We were insistent that the community shouldn’t follow the policeman’s instruction but ours. 
It was on this note that the vision ended.

The Interpretation
Before I go into the scripture that holds the key to this dream, let us first take a deeper look at the dream.

The Significance of the scene in which the vision happened.
The scene of this vision was a campus setting because the people who will tilt the scale of balance for the salvation of the nation are the youths (See 1 Kings 20:14). Also, this is now my third vision about campus youths. It is now very clear to me what the Lord is saying to us at the Pagemaster Apostolic Centre.

The Student who was killed
The student who was killed was a disciple of mine in the dream. And his name – Elisha – is very symbolic. 
The Lord used an Elisha in my dream to pass a symbolic message to us. Elisha in scripture was a disciple of Elijah. This young man therefore represents the next generation of prophets that God is raising. And the enemy wants to put out their candle even before they arise.

Visiting The Library at 3am
The library is the great temple of the academic community and symbolic of the place of prayer and meditation.
Elisha from my dream was at the library by 3am – which represents the watches of the night, the hours of prayer. 3am was the end of the 3rd watch and the beginning of the last watch of the night. That means we are in our last watch for the salvation of our nation.
It was Elisha’s abandonment of the Library at the hour of prayer that led to his death. (And we shall soon see what else this negligence of his led to according to the prophetic vision).
Just as Elisha in my dream left the library and went roaming about at 3am. This generation is nowhere to be found in the hour of the night watch, that is, at the hour of prayer. We have a duty to bring them back to their priestly duty.

The Guardians and Princes
I want to believe that the identity of the guardians and princes in the vision are clear to all. These are angels both holy angels and fallen ones. We know that spirits don’t die, but in this vision they were depicted as dying to indicate to us that, our angelic guardians are being defeated by the dark princes. Our spiritual defenses are being decimated. We must do something about it. According to the vision, our chief guardian declares that he is of superior might that the chief Prince of darkness over our land. Yet he suffered defeat. Why? 

Here is why: If the strongest Prince of darkness was not as strong as the guardian of light, and yet they were still able to defeat ALL the guardians of light, then it can only mean one of two things. Either another Prince of Darkness stronger than the weak one has come to aid that weak one (just as Michael came to the aid of the angel sent to answer Daniel’s prayers) or the sacrifice that fuels the campaign of the princes of darkness was now much greater than the sacrifice that fuels the campaign of our guardian angels.

Fueling Spiritual Warfare
Just as the price of fuel goes up during natural warfares on earth, likewise in the spirit. The fuel of spiritual Warfare is spiritual sacrifices. For the angelic hosts, it is prayer, thanksgiving etc. For Satan and his hosts, it is ritual killings.
Just like in the book of Daniel, it was the prayers of Daniel that released the angels from heaven to fight on behalf of Israel against the Prince of Persian. 
And likewise in the book of Second Kings, it was ritual killing that fueled the victory for the ungodly king of Moab against the people of Israel.
2 Kings 3:26-27
²⁶ And when the king of Moab saw that the battle was too fierce for him, he took with him seven hundred men who drew swords, to break through to the king of Edom, but they could not. ²⁷Then he took his eldest son who would have reigned in his place, and offered him as a burnt offering upon the wall; and there was great indignation against Israel. So they departed from him and returned to their own land.

The meaning and message of this dream is hinged on that scripture.
It is instructive that the prophet of the land of Israel during the event of this infamous sacrifice described in the above verses of scripture is also named Elisha. This infamous event happened just after the Prophet Elisha had given a prophetic word to the three Kings who had gone up to war against Moab. The three Kings are – King Jotham of Israel, King Jehoshaphat of Judah and the King of Edom (descendants of Lot).
The prophecy was that the three Kings will win the war against Moab (to make Moab a vassal state again so that she can continue paying tributes to Israel). And this prophecy was preceded by a miracle and a deliverance in which God miraculously provided water for the army of Israel and her allies which were all about to die of thirst. Yet no one, not even Elisha, remembered to offer a sacrifice to the Lord. It was for this same lack of sacrifices that Israel lost 3 battles to Benjamin in the book of Judges (cf. Judges 20:1-28).

This great miracle happened in the morning, during the time of the grain offering also known as the “morning oblation” (just as Daniel’s angel was dispatched during the time of the “evening oblation”), yet no one deemed it fit to offer to God an offering in keeping with the ordinances of the grain offering or at the very least as a token of gratitude for their miraculous deliverance. This was the evil that led to their defeat.
Remember, Daniel did not just notice that it was the evening oblation, he was also found praying.
Israel lost to Moab, not because of what Moab did, but because of what Israel did not do. It wasn’t because the ritual sacrifice of Moab was more potent than the sacrifices of God amongst His people, but because His people did not even bother to bring God a sacrifice.
This is the omen of my prophetic vision and the bane of the times we live in.
It is not because of the conspiracy of evil men that the nation is in turmoil but because of the complacency of the church in her priestly duties.

This brings me to the last portion of the vision.

The carnival organised by the police.
This speaks volumes.
At the end of the vision, I was with an apostle, and together we saw a yearly carnival organised by so called security agencies that always ended in bloodshed which was actually ritual sacrifice in disguise. 
This was the evil that fueled the dark princes in the vision to release great indignation against the guardians of the land. And sadly, the guardians found no reinforcement from the Elishas in the land. 
This act of the policemen in my vision is also indicative of the fact that there are moles and conspirators in our hallowed institutions and agencies. Authority figures who should be trusted are greatly compromised by those who have sold their souls to the devil.

The final word or rebuke that I and the man of God beside me gave to the police chief is also instructive and prophetic. We said it is not their place to mobilize the community of students but the place of the apostles. Hallelujah! We are taking back our place.

This points us to a vacuum in apostolic leadership. We must quickly step in and fill it. The youths are currently as sheep without shepherds. And now, as a result, the nation is as a house without guardians.
We must arise and pray.

Yours in fear and trembling,
Adams Allison 
©️Pagemaster Apostolic Centre