The Vision of The Coming War

Wednesday, July 1, 2020
By Adams Allison
Blessed be the Lord my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, 
And my fingers for battle.
Psalms 144:1 NKJV 

I had a dream where I was part of an army that was made up of several armies (just like Israel with its several tribes, each having its own army). 
Something alarming happened that drove us all to go see what might be the problem. In order to have an elevated view of what was happening, we ran up a wooden balcony overlooking the fence of our camp to the outside, the wooden platform looked like a watchtower and served as a muster point. 

From there, we saw an army approaching. We wondered if they were one of our battalions rallying to the muster point in response to the alarming situation but once they came close, they fired two flaming arrows at us but they were actually aiming at the wooden wall behind us. The arrows hit the wall straight on.

We were startled by the sudden attack.

They saw our reaction and thought that we were getting ready to attack. This made the archer shake off balance while shooting the arrows that this made him think that his shot had missed its target (which was the wooden wall), so he shot yet another set of two arrows.

One of the young apostles presently on the frontlines in Nigeria was there with us and he, like many others around, were heads of the different armies that I mentioned earlier. He interpreted the shot of the two arrows as “message, message.”

Then a war broke out between the breaching army and ours. There were a lot of casualties on both sides of the camp but no apparent winner. Then the army left.

Not too long after that (a day or a few days later), a similar incident occurred again – another alarming situation that brought pitch blackness upon the entire camp. Like the other time, we all rallied to the same muster point on the watchtower-like wooden platform. But this time, our king was in our midst and he wore his royal crown and royal regalia; a red robe. We rallied around him to make sure nothing unsavory came close to him.

The foreign army approached again from the distance like the first time. When they came face to face with us, they shot another set of arrows at the wall; three this time and they left.

The burden was on me to interpret it this time around.

I started by asking,

“How many arrows were shot the first time?”

Someone said, “Several”

I said, “No, think again.”

They replied, “Four arrows”.

I said, “Not quite.” and then went on to explain, “There were two shots fired, each shot had two arrows each. The intention was to shoot only one set of two arrows and ‘two’ represents witnesses or messengers, hence the two arrows represent a message that was being passed across. The question now is, what message were they sending us by that shot of two arrows? The message was a “warning.”

“As for the three arrows that were just shot, they represent ‘action’, meaning that an attack is imminent.”

Then I added, “If their warning shot led to so many casualties, how much more severe would the battle be in which they intend to take action on their threat to attack us?”

So the king gave us leave to go prepare for war. As we hastened to go, I called out to the king and the leaders of the army, telling them that we need to train the armies and teach them how to fight etc. That I may not be one of their leaders, but I can train the army.

The king signalled his approval and walked away into the light.

The men of the army who were on ground were all playing or just busy doing something else. I asked for my sword, Excalibur and it was with a young man who was playing with it – swinging it and endangering those around him.

I kept a safe distance myself until he finally gave me the sword.

The ball-shaped pommel of the sword had been loosened and detached from the hilt of the sword so I asked for it from same young man and it was given to me.

I fixed the sword and training began.

The scene changed and I saw this;

The young Nigerian apostle I spoke about earlier later received a prophecy from the great evangelist, Uma Ukpai;

“You shall receive [the redeemed version of] the gift of my pagan ancestors, to see the future and in the end, you will join with the immortals.”

Some people interpreted it to mean he will become immortal while on this plain but he and I understood it to mean that he would one day be with the Host of heaven.

That’s where the vision ended.

Blessed be the Lord my Rock, Who trains my hands for war, 
And my fingers for battle.
Psalms 144:1 NKJV 

Interpretation of The Vision of The Coming War.

There were two alarming situations in the vision, both were vague. But each time, the appropriate response was the elevated platform that doubled as a muster point and a watchtower. This speaks of the place of prayer and prophetic vision/perspective.

The breaching army represents a current threat or attack of the enemy. I perceive this to be the Covid 19 Pandemic. And this pandemic is a warning shot. Something more sinister looms ahead.

The second attack happened after a blackout. This could mean the occult; they thrive in darkness. But God has given us time so that we can be better prepared and equipped before the battle begins. Our King is in our midst to create a time of refreshing from His presence.

His red royal robe has come to extend its royal train. This time, there will be victory.

In ancient times when kings go to war and they conquer, they cut off the bottom part of the royal garment of the defeated king and add to their own. So, the more their victories the longer their robe.

The Lord Jesus our King has come to collect the robes of all those who attack us. From pandemic, to pandemonium, from economic shut down to financial crisis, He will strip them all of their robes and reign in the midst of us. Amen and Amen.

The interpretation of the sword named Excalibur.

Generally speaking, the sword is symbolic of the word of God.

As for the sword Excalibur, it is the famous name of the sword of king Arthur. The sword is said to have supernatural powers and could defeat the occult. (This strengthens my feeling that the impending attack is going to be from the occult).

As for me, it is inconsequential what the attack is. What matters most is that we are equipped to crush it by the word of the Lord. As time progresses, the Lord will reveal more as it pleases Him.

Here is the result of my research on the meaning of the word – Excalibur.

¹One source says the name Excalibur ultimately derives from the Welsh word “Caledfwlch” (and Breton “Kaledvoulc’h”, Middle Cornish “Calesvol”), which is a compound of two words “caled” and “bwlch” which means hard and breach or cleft.

²Another source asserts that Escalibor “is a Hebrew name which means in French ‘cuts iron, steel, and wood'”

³Yet another source says the name is related to the Irish legendary sword Caladbolg, literally ‘hard-belly’, i.e. ‘voracious’.

These all point to a sWORD that makes it impossible for the bearer to suffer defeat or to be breached upon by the enemy.

The anatomy of the sword

To understand the significance of the pommel of the sword, we first need to understand what the hilt of a sword represents:

Hilt – The hilt is the handle of the sword, a hilt is usually made from leather, wire or wood. It is fastened to the tang of the blade to provide a comfortable way to hold the sword.

This speaks of ¹understanding. The ease of comprehension.

Pommel – The end of the sword that the hilt is on. Pommels are normally larger than the hilt and keep the sword from sliding out of the hand, as well as providing a bit of counterweight to the blade. They also can be used as a means to secure the hilt to the tang, and were sometimes forged out of the same length of steel as the rest of the blade.

This helps the sword balance in the hand of the warrior. The Lord showed the me the pommel for a reason. He wants us to also add to our understanding, ²balance.

The pommel in the vision was shaped like a ball (3D), the one in real life was shaped like a coin (2D).

That means it has substance. This speaks of ³faith which is the substance of things hoped for. (The difference between law and faith is like the difference between 2D and 3D).

Lastly, the young man who was wielding the sword in the vision was reckless. He did not have the skills to handle the sword yet he was endangering others.

This is a call to ⁴mastery.

May the Lord raise from us, an army of seasoned warriors to defend the victory of the saints in Christ Jesus. Amen.

God bless you.

©️ Pagemaster 3 July 2020