Progress before Perfection

By Adams Allison

I want to encourage you in this season of great travails.

The burden of the times we find ourselves in requires a great deal of discipline. Discipline to study, to research, to pray, to fast, to write and the list goes on and on. 
Please don’t let your limitations discourage you. If you fail, get up again, shake off the dust and pick up from where you left off. Never back down, and never give in. Keep pushing forward.

The goal in discipline is progress not perfection. We don’t stop because we failed to attain perfection. As long as there is progress there is hope. When chariots were invented, the perfect means of transportation wasn’t the goal, the goal was to improve on the known means of transportation. A form of progress from a lone horse ride to the rich experience of riding in a chariot of horses. If the ancient world had to wait for the perfect vehicle, humanity would still be riding horses today but thankfully, our “ancestors” didn’t. Thousands of years later we now have different models of vehicles with greater and more sophisticated “horse power“.

As you press in to your goals and aspirations, aim for progress not perfection. If we take care of the minutes, the hours will take care of themselves. If we focus on progress, perfection will take care of itself. It is progress before perfection.

Do you feel the drag when you try to read or write? Is it a struggle to tarry in prayer? 
Don’t stress yourself, take it one step at a time.

Press for one page today, then two pages tomorrow and keep adding to it until you reach your optimum daily capacity.
Pray a minute today, add an additional minute the next day until you gain stamina in the place of prayer.

Do that, then ensure your optimum is sustained over a period of time until it becomes a habit and a lifestyle. As the Greek proverbs says, “Character is destiny”. You will not only achieve your goals, you will surpass them.
The Journey ahead is great, we must be properly equipped if we would finish strong.

Go and achieve your goals today and enjoy yourself while doing it. I believe in you.

©️ Pagemaster 5 November 2020