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In Chronicles Of Grace, there were 5 segments to the message. In the first (introductory) segment, we saw that the original concept of forgiveness in the Kingdom is based on an account system of balancing accounts by cancelling debts, taking our cue from Matthew 18:21-35, we came to the understanding;

Forgiveness is cancellation of debt – but without a non cash expense account called a ‘bad debt expense’, a cancelled debt will cause an imbalance in the company’s account. The sacrifice of Jesus is God’s ‘bad debt expense’ account. Because of Him, we experience forgiveness and God’s justice is still pacified. Without that sacrifice, either we remain without God’s forgiveness or we have it and the scale of justice becomes unbalanced.

We also saw the trajectory of this grace encoded in the Old Testament.

In light of what we saw in Matthew 18:21-35 (the parable of forgiveness), we came to an understanding of three horrors that can befall any man who forsakes the grace of God as expressed in forgiveness. For no one can repay God the debt they owe Him, you can only humbly accept His forgiveness.

There are three non-redemptive means to balance the account as seen from this passage of scripture mentioned above.

To be sold into slavery,

To be sent to prison, or

To be handed over to the torturers.

1. To be sold into slavery is synonymous to any business of today that cannot pay its debt and is declared bankrupt and foreclosed by its creditor(s).

In like manner, being unable to pay your debt to God and being unwilling to repent and humbly ask for forgiveness, will lead to moral bankruptcy in which a person is handed over to a reprobate mind to succumb to all kinds of vices (see Romans 1:21-32).

And interestingly, it was not just the unprofitable servant that was to be sold but his entire family too (Matthew 18:25). That tells me that one man’s rejection of grace can lead an entire family into perdition. It happened in the Garden – Adam’s sin led to humanity’s fall from grace. And let us not forget what happened to Amaziah and his family when he came against Amos (see Amos 7:16-17).

2. To be sent to prison like that younger servant can be likened to taking legal action against a business that refuses to pay up it’s debt.

In things pertaining to the kingdom, this speaks of being sent on a guilt trip – to be bound by legalism and religion. Here, the debtor will always choose penance instead of repentance. There is nothing redemptive about penance; only destruction awaits such a man.

3. The third case is to be handed over to the torturers. This is death. Once sin and unrepentance leads to death, the victim will find himself in hell fire where the torturers will torment him or her day and night. May this never be our portion.

If the prospect of life without forgiveness is so grim, you can imagine the premium heaven places on this extravagant grace of God.

This was the first point of a five point message in the last Pagemaster Symposium we had.

Imagine what you could have gained if you were in attendance for the entire five course meal.

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The Lost Message

This Saturday, 14th of July 2018

By 1pm prompt.

At Excellence Hotel (ask at the reception for the meeting place of The Incorruptible Seed Church).

See link for details 

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Adams Allison.