A New Year, A New Season

The Sun Sets On One Age and Rises On Another

This post continues the flow of thoughts shared in The Untold Story Of Christmas. Today I want us to take a much deeper look at the woman that was clothed in the sun, moon and stars and the significance of the Man Child. (See Revelation 12)

The woman is symbolic of any generation of God’s people that brings forth a Man Child which is symbolic of a new move of the Spirit on the earth. There are three generations of God’s people who fit the profile of this Woman.

The first was Israel. To understand how they fit this profile let’s consider Joseph’s vision in which his family bows to him. In that vision, it is revealed that the sun, moon and stars for that generation were Joseph’s father Jacob, his mother Rachel and the 12 sons of Jacob respectively; (See Genesis 37:9)

However, Joseph’s vision doesn’t address the significance of the star host as clothing for the Woman, but the Book of Proverbs does;

Children’s children are the crown of old men, and the glory of children is their father. Proverbs 17:6

How does a father cloth his sons with glory and honour? By pronouncing blessings on them (See Jeremiah 4:2; Psalms 104:1) and true to the prophetic analogy, Jacob blessed all 12 of his sons. While sons crown their fathers with authority when their achievements increase the influence of their fathers; for example, Joseph’s position in Egypt gave Jacob (and his family) autonomy over the whole land of Goshen, free from Egyptian interference (Genesis 46:33-34). Although that makes it look like a crown of only one star since it was only Joseph’s achievement that gave Jacob that level of influence, nevertheless, by the time of the Pharaoh who did not know Joseph, the 12 tribes had contributed their quota to increasing the influence of their father’s Household beyond Goshen to cut across all of Egypt. Hence a crown with 12 stars finally. (See Exodus 1:6-10)

While the moon speaks of death, because when time came to fulfil Joseph’s vision in which the sun, moon and stars bow before him, his mother Rachel (the moon) was already dead and buried in the ground, therefore in a sense, ‘the moon’ was under his feet taking a bow. Therefore, the moon speaks of death, and it was under the Woman’s feet to signify/indicate triumph over death. And indeed, Israel was triumphant over death because in spite of the death of the first generation – Exodus 1:6 – they multiplied, in spite of their hard bondage, they increased, in spite of the task masters, they became mightier than the Egyptians and despite the genocide of their young male children, a Man Child was born – Moses – a deliver who would rule the nations with a rod.

This first generation of God’s people that fit the profile of the Woman fully clad with the starry host gave birth to Moses as their Man Child. The Next generation to fit this profile had the Christ for their Man Child. As such, both Moses and the Christ have a lot in common.

For instance, Moses was to rule with a rod from an almond tree while the Messiah was to rule with a rod of iron. (See Exodus 4; & Revelation 12)

Of all the similarities between both, one catches my attention. They both introduced a new calendar system to the world. Moses introduced the Jewish calendar to Israel, while the birth of Jesus began the Anon Domini (AD) calendar system. This is no coincidence, in fact, it is providence telling us that the mandate of every Man Child is to change timelines and usher in new seasons.

There is a remnant in today’s church that fits the profile of this Woman, they are the third generation of God’s people pregnant with another Man Child. They are clothed with the glory of the Father which is the Holy Spirit, they have crucified the flesh and placed it under their feet, and now they bear the weight of the crown ornate with the greatest achievements of the 12 apostles – the revelation of the New Testament.

Hallelujah! The birth of another Man Child is upon us.

Every generation of the church is potentially pregnant with a Man Child, but only those fully adorned with the ‘sun, moon and 12 stars’ can birth forth a Man Child. Such a generation is a threat to the enemy, that’s why he will come against her with trials and tribulation, but fear not and be of good cheer for all these are but birth pangs (Mark 13:8) for the Man Child is about to come forth.

In the first generation of the Woman, the dragon used Pharaoh to plague them with hard bondage and genocide, in the second generation, the dragon used Herod to afflict them again with another genocide. Each trial was a plan of the enemy to sabotage the birth of the Man Child, but God turned each attack into birth pangs heralding the Man Child.

Another Man Child is about to be born into the earth that will introduce a new prophetic calendar to the world just like Moses and the Lord Jesus did. Their ministry will usher in a new dispensation, and indeed a new season.

Stay tuned as I continue in my next post on the significance of the Man Child.

Happy New Year, a new season is upon us.