A Picture of True Worship

I have nothing against “modern worship” and I’m not “against” light shows, etc. but if they are “necessary” to draw the people, then there’s something wrong.  God wants us to worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, as these young men obviously are.

This picture of these two young boys touches me deeply… and speaks to my spirit.
Notice the plastic chairs, dirt floor and absence of special lighting? Also note the tattered condition of their bibles. It hasn’t been sitting idle on a shelf, those bibles are BEING READ! That’s probably why they have reached such passionate heights in worship, touching God’s Holiness.
Worship is not entertainment or show.
It is not enhanced by props or how talented or how loud the musicians are. We do not approach God based on sights and sounds but a deep revelation in our SPIRIT of the ONE WHO is being “WORSHIPED”.
I long for us to worship without the atmosphere of entertainment. Church is not Disneyworld or American Idol. Church is His Presence. In many churches we have stopped singing, stopped worshiping and we are being carried away by talent and someone’s great voice.
Worship is a life long commitment to God, it’s not a pat on the back for having a good show. It has truly become more entertainment than true worship in most churches today. Worship is our daily walk with God.
Look at that picture again. No performance there, just worship. Where did those days go?
It blows away the theory that we need technology to reach the youth.  The Spirit has a way of drawing people to Himself.
This is the atmosphere of true worship – whether dirt floors or not, plastic chairs or not – as long as there are hungry hearts for God, responsive to the Holy Spirit. Such a pure worship.
It’s time we look to the innocent in heart to teach us what worshiping the Father in Spirit and in Truth really means. This photo is a beautiful representation of just that. Coming to the Father as a child…humble…trusting…expectant.
Come Sunday, let us worship the Lord Jesus in Spirit and in Truth.