The Question Of The Day

I’ve got a few questions for you today.

Why go to school? Why read books? Why take the pain to build character?
Why live a disciplined life? 
Maybe I should answer these questions with the next question.

Why not?
Why not study?
Why not go to school and be relevant to society? 
Why not add value to yourself through discipline and character? Why not aspire to greatness.

Why not you?
That’s another question to ask… Why not you?
Why not be number one? Why not be the example others follow? Why not you at the head of the company table? Why not you as the one called great and fulfilled?

Why not now?
You don’t have to wait a million years to achieve your dreams or to pursue them. Start now!

If you think you’ve wasted so much time and so much of you life and you’re considering giving up then you should ask yourself; why not start now?

Adams Allison