PURPOSE – The Power of Vision


In my last blog post – PURPOSE: The Challenge Of A Life Without Purpose, I shared how challenging life can be without purpose and added how maximizing our potential is a major key to discovering our purpose. So today I want to build on that thought.

“The future belongs to those who see opportunities before they become obvious.”
~John Scully~

It was Helen Keller who said, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.” Helen Keller was blind but she has contributed to humanity a lot more than many with seeing eyes ever could. What did she possess that others didn’t?

It was vision.

Fulfillment in life is determined by the power of vision that is why we often hear God asking his prophets in scripture, ‘’what do you see?’’ Today, that’s my question to you – what do you see?


Your passion is given to you for the express purpose of fulfilling your destiny. Everyone has something they are passionate about. Look within your heart and you’re sure to find it. A man’s vision is cast from the things he has the most interest in. whether it’s social media or maybe you just love to put a smile on people’s faces. Whatever your interest or passion, take it and give it flesh. That’s what God did in the garden; He took a passion – an interest in having a son – and molded flesh around him and called him Adam. What will you call your passion when it is clothed in ‘flesh’? Mark Zuckerberg called his Facebook, I have called mine Mainstream, and my friend has chosen to call her’s Olorungemstone.



We all know the story; the master goes away on a long journey but before he did, he calls his servants and gives them talents (Matthew 25:15-28). One is given 10 talents, the other 5 talents and another 1 talent but none is without a talent. Hence the question is not if you have but what do you have? (Exodus 4:2, II Kings 4:8). Like Moses and the widow, we always have something to offer. Like a woman who spent her growing up years taking care of her aunt’s children and was not sent to school to have an education. When she got married and had children, they found themselves in a precarious situation where she couldn’t get good jobs because of her academic qualification or rather lack of it. She and her husband agreed to sell all they could to send her abroad to find greener pastures and to come back for the family upon finding one.

She had a six month visa and in the fourth month, she had found nothing to do. Then one day in church a baby was crying uncontrollably and would not be comforted. She offered to help and surprisingly, the baby calmed down and fell asleep within seconds. At the end of the service, they came to her and asked how she did it. Well, they finally offered her a job to babysit their children on weekdays when they went to work. At the end of the fifth month, it occurred to the women whose children she babysat that this woman had only a month to stay in the US and their ‘Mary Poppins’ will be gone so they came together and got her a green card. By the sixth month, more people had begun to hand their children over to her care upon hearing of her miracle touch on babies. She started a daycare and began to employ people and train them to do the same thing she did for the children.

She was so good at what she did that parents always had to come with candies to ‘bribe’ their children to follow them home. She had a magnetic effect on children. The same children they had to drag to daycare, they now had to give incentives to come back home.

Now here is the crème de la crème of the story – her monthly income was about $6,000. Yes, you heard right! What no qualification could give her, her natural talent did. Perhaps if that woman was asked – what do you have in your hand? She would have answered like the woman in II Kings 4:2 “Nothing…”

Remember what we learn from the parable of the talent? No one is ever without talent (except of course, you buried yours).

The question is never if you have but what do you have? If you can’t see what you have then you have no vision.


“Where there is no vision, the people perish.” (Proverbs 29:18)

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Adams Allison


Adams Allison
Adams Allison